Donation of a Conservation Easement- Individuals willing to voluntarily donate a conservation easement on their land should complete an Easement Donation Form and mail to the address below. Criteria for this program is minimal. Once received the application will be reviewed for eligibility and the applicant contacted to discuss the process and the time frame anticipated to complete the donation. Depending upon the property and the availability of funding, an easement donation may be completed in a little as four months.

Farm and Ranch lands Program- The Farm and Ranch Lands Program is limited to properties consisting of at least 50% prime agricultural soils. This program relies on a federal matching grant and for this reason a local standardized application form is not available. Since this is a easement purchase program a considerable amount of funds are required to establish a conservation easement. At this time funds on hand are not adequate to pursue such a grant however the HCC would like the opportunity to discuss this possibility with you and possibly pre-qualify a site which should expedite the process when funding becomes available.

To schedule a consultation or receive additional information please email:

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